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The Unyielding Power of Photography: Reflecting on the 2020 George Floyd Protests in NYC

The events that took place during the 2020 George Floyd protests were a turning point in American history. As an eyewitness and photographer, I want to delve into the profound impact of the photographic moment with a significant understanding of this historic period. Exploring its ability to evoke emotions, raise awareness, and inspire change.

Eliciting Emotions

I witnessed raw anguish, anger, and determination etched on the faces of protesters. Photographs of young men and women holding signs and their emotions frozen in time serve as a reminder of the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

Amplifying Narratives

In the midst of the George Floyd protests, emphasis was sensationalized, perhaps to create a desired narrative. 'Reflecting on the 2020 George Floyd Protests' aims to show an unbiased representation of the protests. Images of people of different backgrounds, races, and ages standing together in solidarity and the less flattering moments like the looting that occurred during the protests are a genuine portrayal of what I witnessed during this time. 

Documenting History

Photography helps future generations comprehend and learn from significant events. The photographs captured during the 2020 George Floyd protests will be part of our collective memory. They bear witness to a widespread mobilization,  for justice, and change. 

I am confident these photographs will remain significant, reminding us of the challenges America faced during this period.

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